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1) If your bows get soiled or dirty over time, simply soak in water with a few drops of your mild detergent for a couple of seconds, rub lightly with your fingers until you get the dirt out and rinse. Make sure to dry completely most especially the metal part.  Clip it on to a towel or any absorbent fabric and air dry. The no slip grips we use have bonded glue and will not get detached even if soaked in water.

2) If the grosgrain ribbon gets detached from the metal clip, you can easily repair it with a hot glue gun (if you have one) or simply heat the metal part/clip with a lighter or candle and re-attach the ribbon. The heat will help melt the glue again.

1) We use a variety of materials to create these lovely accessories. We cannot guarantee that it will not fall apart or the color of the fabric will not fade if it gets soaked in water. We only recommend spot cleaning. Clean one area at a time to ensure that the fabric dye will not stain on the other materials.

2) If the flowers and petals get deformed or folded, you can run it in your blowdryer for a couple of seconds to flatten the petals. The heat will help restore its original shape. If it still doesn’t work, add a bit of water on the petals and then blowdry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a comment below or an inquiry here.  Thank you.

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